Easy Zentangle Patterns

And Zentangle Inspired Art

My Zentangle Story

I started Zentangling in 2018 when I was going through adjuvant chemotherapy to treat my brain tumor. The Zentangle Method gave me a pleasant distraction at a time when I could do little else. I learned new Zentangle patterns by watching videos on YouTube and created my own channel to log my progress. In 2022, I became a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT).

More chemo forced me to pause my video making for a while, but I am eager to once again make videos to share with others. If you’re a Zentangle fan, or if you just want to learn more, these are my video suggestions for getting started.

Zentangle Pattern Henna Drum
Zentangle inspired art tutorial using patterns with a swirl theme being hand drawn and colored with watercolor pencils

9 Easy Zentangle Patterns

In my compilation videos, I’m curating Zentangle patterns into sets of nine related tangles. The first three sets are: Organic & Botanical, Lines & Orbs, and Hearts. Be sure to subscribe to my channel for new curated sets and my other Zentangle video uploads.

ABC’s of Zentangle

Zentangle Patterns for every letter of the alphabet

In my continuing quest to learn even more Zentangle patterns, I came across the website tanglepatterns.com. It’s a great resource with hundreds of tangles from the official Zentanglers at HQ as well as certified Zentangle teachers (CZTs) and Zentangle enthusiasts. I completed another series of videos selecting one pattern from the always-growing list of tangles for each letter of the English alphabet.

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let’s hang out

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I created an unofficial prompt list for the 2020 Inktober challenge and posted a Zentangle video every day for 31 days!

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