For years, I have been watching as my internet friends participate in fun challenges like National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and Inktober, Well this year, I am finally able to join in the fun with Inktober 2020. I am going to be posting a new Zentangle video on my YouTube channel according to the unofficial Inktober Zentangle Prompts I made.

Day one went live this morning, and fingers crossed people will find it enjoyable. Although I try to remember that doing things *I* enjoy is its own reward, there’s always a part of me that wants other people’s validation. I think they call that being human. 🙂

It took a lot of planning beforehand to even pretend that this was going to be a possibility for me. Brain cancer and the resulting disability leave me with very little energy to do things. But Dan has sworn to help me this month as much as his chronic illness allows. (Essentially, he’s going to be helping me eat on schedule, because my biggest problem is getting sucked into my daily drawing and video editing schedule and being too exhausted to slap a sandwich together.)

Our failsafe for days when we are both exhausted is the handy-dandy meal replacement shake, so that, like, if it’s noon and I’m not anywhere close to taking a lunch brake, Dan can bring me one to tide me over until dinner. They don’t taste the best, but they have protein, fiber, and vitamins. And they keep my body from going completely off the rails for failing to provide it consistently with fuel.

I imagine we’ll be getting Grubhub or DoorDash or whatever a lot more this month too. At least, as far as the budget allows. One way or another, I am determined to get all 31 days posted. Fingers crossed nothing thwarts my plan!

Anyway, Happy Inktober! If you’re doing this challenge too, let me know!

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