Who You Gonna Believe

Table of Contents

Who You Gonna Believe is the fan-supported, web-only memoir of a woman who is sick and tired—figuratively and literally—of the bullshit.

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Who You Gonna Believe: Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Triggered

Chapter 2: You’re Wearing That?

Chapter 3: Suicide is Painless

Chapter 4: Liar, Liar

Chapter 5: Back Home Again in Indiana

Chapter 6: Christian Counseling

Chapter 7: Fuck You, I Live Here

Chapter 8: Good Luck With That

Chapter 9: Corpse Pose

Chapter 10: Irretrievable Breakdown

Chapter 11: My First Divorce

Chapter 12: Hurt People

Chapter 13: Two Write Hands

Chapter 14: Stu

Chapter 15: The Leave-Behind

Chapter 16: The Golden Years

Chapter 17: Al’s Run

Chapter 18: Amber

Chapter 19: Letter of Resignation

Chapter 20: Snow Fall

Chapter 21: Diagnosis: Eat a Salad

Chapter 22: Larry, Moe, and Curly

Chapter 23: This Isn’t Working

Chapter 24: Spoiler Alert


A Note from the Author

It is unfortunate, though entirely true, that I learned almost everything I know about assholes because my ex-husband was a liar, a cheat, and—in my estimation—a narcissist. Not because he was a proctologist.

Being schooled on the finer points of recognizing bullshit when I see it, it turns out to have been integral to my literal survival when doctors failed to recognize my medical reality.

This memoir begins as a recounting of that one time I was married to a man who thought my self-worth had something to do with him. It ends, well, no spoilers.

Whether you take broader meaning from these words, or just enjoy the storytelling, know that some of the minute details are misremembered and some of the identifying details have been intentionally obscured.

Who You Gonna Believe is written chronologically, but the chapters can also be read individually as richly descriptive stand-alone essays. If you choose the second adventure, let the chapter titles be your guide.

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