UPDATE 5/31/12: Lawrence Fisher has pulled his book from iUniverse. The new version of Kill Me Now  is available  for Kindle here.

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In case you haven’t heard, we’re pausing for a moment to celebrate a small victory in the campaign against Author Solutions and iUniverse. Lawrence Fisher has officially confirmed receipt of a full refund!

I originally ran Lawrence’s interview on May 2. In it, he discussed one of the publisher’s most common complaints from consumers: iUniverse not reporting all sales. In addition to royalty issues, iUniverse sales reps also pushed the author of Kill Me Now! to spend several thousand dollars more, even though he had explained that the initial package cost so much he was unable to pay rent for two months.

When Lawrence made this sacrifice for his dream, he expected that iUniverse would deliver on their promises. But what was he given in return? Well, let’s just say he certainly deserved to get his money back.

Read the full interview to learn how iUniverse provided shoddy cover art,  failed to distribute his press release as promised, and ripped his own material from the back cover to write the press release he’d paid for.

Lawrence originally acknowledged receiving a payment from iUniverse on May 15, though it was unclear at the time whether it was a full refund. This morning, he updated readers confirming he was repaid in full. According to Lawrence, the discrepancy in the amount paid, which spurred much doubt on my part, was due to currency exchange rates.

This marks the first success in my campaign against my ex-husband and his shady employer who used me to get free reviews for authors. But I am far from done fighting Author Solutions and its many, many imprints on behalf of indie authors. I will continue to put pressure on the company and the self-publishing brands under its umbrella until the authors they’ve wronged have been heard. In fact, I’m currently rallying with other supporters of indie authors to get a refund for Joan Moran.

These are my larger goals moving forward:

  • interview all customers* with a desire to tell their customer service horror story
  • publicize the requests of authors seeking refunds from iUniverse, et al.
  • publish spin-free information about pricing and services
  • force Author Solutions, Inc and its brands to stop their predatory sales tactics
  • continue investigating the company and its leaders

* I am extending interviews to customers of all Author Solutions associated brands including Xlibris, Trafford, iUniverse, BookTango, Author House, Palibrio, Abbott Press, Balboa, WestBow, Inspiring Voices, Legacy Keepers, FuseFrame, Pitchfest, Author Learning Center  and WordClay.

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