Every writer longs for the coveted top spot in Google search results—the one that everyone will see and, most importantly, the choice that will receive the most “clicks.”  You’ve composed stellar content, tried to figure out the rules of search engine optimization, but your articles still inhabit pages 8 through 10—the veritable internet no man’s land.  Well, stop banging your head on that wall.  No, really, it’s quite distracting.  There is good news for writers, thanks to Google+.

Here are some ways that Google+ is making life a whole lot easier for writers and bloggers.

  1. Pictures = Clicks

By linking your blog posts to your Google+ account, you will create a search engine result that sets you apart from the rest.  It will have your profile image, and everyone knows that the inclusion of a visual prompt makes it more eye appealing.  And if your eyes are drawn to it, your mouse will likely follow.  Simply put, a professional headshot and a link to your Google+ account will increase your blog’s traffic and readership.

  1. Bios = Clicks

Thanks to Google+, people now have the chance to click on your name, exposing them to a portfolio of your works.  It’s like having your own Google search engine.  And all of the results lead back to you!

Now, potential followers will be re-directed to other posts that tickle their fancy—making them much more likely to join your readership.  If you install a “Google+” recommendation button on your blog, it will also increase your Google+ rankings, which will push your blog further up the search engine results.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  1. Good Writing = Rewards

Illiterate hacks will not be rewarded by Google+, but literary masters and rapier-witted humorists will.  If someone clicks on a page, but only stays there for a blink of an eye, nothing happens.  After all, the visitor moved on, unimpressed with what they found.

If, however, said visitor stays for a few minutes, captivated by a blogger’s clever prose and sharp intellect, this blogger will reap the rewards for a post well done.  When the visitor presses the “back” button, they will see that your search result has changed.  Beneath the original text, they will see a line that says “more by [insert your name here]” with the links to more of your works.  Yes, your reward is more “clicks” and increased traffic—and that is exactly what every writer hopes for.

  1. Original Works = Rewards

Google+ enables Google’s search engine to verify authorship.  This means that a post by the original author will be much higher in search engine rankings than a copycat’s hack job.  After all, it is your creative property, so you alone should receive the applause.

  1. Separating the Smiths

If you were blessed, or in this case cursed, with a very common moniker, you are likely tired of having your works confused with those of other “Jim Smiths” or “Jennifer Joneses.”  Thanks to Google+ authorship, you can now mark your masterpieces as your own—and set yourself apart from those who only wish they had your talent.  Google’s search engine will finally be able to recognize you as the unique individual that you are—and so will potential followers.

So stop punishing your cranium and create a Google+ profile, instead.  Your writing career and online reputation as a master wordsmith will thank you.  And your landlord will greatly appreciate less holes in his walls.

What tips do you have for maximizing a Google+ following?  How has Google+ helped your career?

Kimberley Laws is a freelance writer and avid blogger. A relative newcomer to the land of “plussers,” she is thoroughly enjoying building up her following. Her Facebook account, however, is feeling rather neglected. She clamors for attention at http://theembiggensproject.wordpress.com/.

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