Month: April 2017

Cancer is Complicated

Something has given me an itchy rash from hell. You know you’re in for a medically challenging day when your oncologist wants to take you off a drug you’ve never been prescribed and have never taken because...

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Rash, Rash Everywhere

Remember how I said at least the rash wasn’t on my face? Yeah, guess what I woke up to this morning? My left eyelid is so swollen, it’s like I installed an awning over my eye. I’m fresh out of big girl panties...

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I can taste the difference between white and red jellybeans today! Jarred salsa smells like heaven, but still tastes like aluminum and burned garlic. Baby steps.

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Sweet Home Urbana

Welcome home flowers and cake.   And just to keep things real for you, because life isn’t just cake and flowers… Before I left St. Louis, the doc told me my lymphocytes were high or low–whatever is not...

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