Stuff You Should Totally Try

Stuff You Should Totally Try

 Referral Links, Affiliates, Donations

Squirrel money away and watch it grow over time.

Amazon (Influencer Page)
Looking for get well gifts or ways to support someone who’s sick, disabled, or hospitalized? I’ve got a few ideas.

Accounting software for freelancers and creators and small business owners. FreshBooks make it easier to invoice and collect payments.

Get money back on stuff you were going to buy anyway. Great mobile app for shopping rebates.
or referral code EIDSNLG in the mobile app

Find great deals, play some games, take some surveys, and earn Swagbucks. Then redeem them for gift cards and PayPal cards.

Get your shit together and track your personal and professional projects. It feels so good things off your to-do list.

In May I reach the end of my 24-month, long-term disability claim (SSDI is not going away). Meaning we will lose $900 a month in household income.

That’s a lot of money for two chronically ill people to lose, guys.

In an attempt to hold on for dear life, I’m writing a memoir and hoping the manuscript sells, creating content through Patreon, and working harder to promote referral connections.

If you plan to use any of these things, click the link below before you buy! When you do that, the company pays me for drumming up some business for them. And every little bit helps.

There isn’t anything on the list I haven’t tried myself.


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