It’s been a while since I’ve updated you guys on appealing Lincoln Financial Group. There are a couple of reasons for that:

  1. Constantly worrying about money and maybe losing your house is kind of stressful.
  2. It turns out that being depressed about brain tumor stuff, being unable to work, and having no money is EXCEEDINGLY. FUCKING. DEBILITATING.
  3. These things move painfully slowly by design,
    because the longer Lincoln Financial Group gets away with not paying a claim, the more money the company and its CEO can hoard.

As things stand currently, I have submitted my appeal to them and it’s queued up for their review. If they don’t make things right, and decide to deny me again, then we move on to the Second Appeal. If (or should I say when?) they deny the second appeal, then–and only then–can I sue them.

Honestly, I’m surprised they don’t have a clause that forces policyholders to complete Appeal Elevensies before they can be taken to court. I should shut up, in case they’re looking for ways they can be even worse to their policyholders.

Anyway, I was going to post an entertaining version of my appeal letter here on the blog, but I can’t right now. Sadly this bullshit with Lincoln Financial Group is only one of several fires we’re dealing with at the moment, thanks to my homeowner’s insurance premiums unexpectedly rising 20% from last year, and some confusion with the IRS.

But back to the long-term disability stuff. I do have the official appeal letter that I could share, but I don’t want to just put that up on the blog for all to see. I’ve considered making it a Patreon post, so it’s only available to patrons. But I’m not sure if that really serves any meaningful purpose. I don’t know, I’ll wait and see what people think. I could see how someone in a similar situation would benefit from seeing how another person handled their appeal. Eh. I don’t know yet, OK? Stop pressuring me.

(Also, about Patreon: the new chapter of Who You Gonna Believe will be available to all subscription tiers starting tomorrow at 10:00 AM CT. So keep your eyes peeled for that. If you’re not already one of my patrons, you can get access for a $1 pledge.)

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