Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

I’m reading this morning that there are more than 30 empty folders at Mar-a-Lago. Does Target have a better security system than our government?

How many times have I been stopped at the door and had my receipt verified after buying razor refills or had my ID checked for buying whiteout fluid or been told I had to get my Sudafed from behind the counter while. they. put. my. name. on. a. list?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that stealing and making meth are solid life choices. I just hope to Gandalf someone saw this coming and Jared got $2 billion for selling crayon pictures of the Pentagon drawn by some four-star general’s grandson.

I watched Biden’s speech last night. I don’t know what exactly to make of it, but I’m not surprised in the least to wake up and see the worst of the worst refusing to take the off ramp he provided. The “either we win or you cheated” crowd, though, has never not doubled down on stuff like this.

Actually, the term “doubling down” could stand an update. They left the realm of simple multiplication a long time ago. Every time they dig in, the absurdity is exponential.

They’re in so deep now, we have people like Laura Loomer crying because she lost her primary to another Republican. And Sara Palin says ranked-choice voting was “rigged” and that’s why she lost to Mary Peltola.

I mean, I can see being disenchanted with the Electoral College when the vote count is staring you in the face. But the EC is exclusively for presidential races. These races aren’t that complicated.

(Reminder: Al Gore and Hilary Clinton both won the popular vote. Petition to call the popular vote the Actual Vote.)

But to be so cynical that you can’t even imagine losing an election unless someone cheated? Puh-lease.

To be fair, the ones who say “if I lose it’s rigged” before the polls open know they can lose. They’re counting on public doubt in elections to get them the job, not actually winning.

And if candidates can’t actually win, maybe it’s time for them to consider voters don’t want what they’re offering.

Some of these candidates are probably still stalking their exes too. “Oh yeah, he’s totally still into me. He just doesn’t know it yet.” Couple of squirts of eau de desperation on their pulse points and they’re off. Way off.

Anyway, the President’s speech didn’t move me all that much— not that I think it was for me—but I did appreciate Biden defending the yahoo on the bullhorn from behind the Seal. Gave me President Obama vibes. I don’t dismiss Biden’s faults, but I believe he sincerely wants to be better tomorrow than he was yesterday.

And while I hate the idea of the DOJ waiting until after November to prosecute T****, I do understand it. If the U.S. is to be a democracy, it has to be clear the voters are calling the shots. Biden seems to believe us capable of discerning what’s at stake, but I can’t decide if that’s hope or delusion.

Shower Thoughts #6: Reflections

Shower Thoughts #6: Reflections

Another episode of my definitely very original Shower Thoughts series.

People who always thought of me in terms of what I could do for them sure did crap all the bricks when I thought of them in terms of what they did to me.

The best time to do better is before the memoir.

The brain tumor affects my balance and coordination, not my capacity for rational thought.

It’s exhausting to care how much of what other people have and judge whether or not they deserve it. It’s unpaid emotional labor. I think I’ll not do it.

That headline’s not going to get him what he wants, but I understand how self-delusion leads to shock.

The headline I was thinking about:

Singing: My my my my armor comes from you.

The more I think I know, the less I learn. Which probably explains why I find some people very tedious and mansplaining makes my ears quit working.

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