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Zentangle With Me

Over on my YouTube Channel, I post videos almost entirely related to learning how to draw Zentangle Patterns and Zentangle inspired art. Some of those videos are part of a series I call Tangled Talk episodes. They’re a tutorial-vlog or maybe a tutorial-podcast hybrid where I Zentangle for a few minutes and talk about what’s going on with me. As some YouTube commenters have made pretty clear, these videos are not for everyone. Sometimes I talk about my personal politics or what it’s like to live with brain cancer. If you prefer, though, you can always turn the sound off

If you’re interested in getting to know me a little better while I draw, give my Tangled Talk episodes a look. I’ve posted them in order for your convenience, but you don’t necessarily need to watch them in order to enjoy them. The videos are captioned by yours truly, and you can turn them on in the video player for a no-audio experience or click the Tangled Talk details button to read along on the website and find a complete list of the art supplies I used in each Zentangle video.

All it really takes to get started Zentangling is something to write with and something to write on. But a list of materials and full transcript are available on the Details page.

Zentangle Pattern Henna Drum: Easy Zentangle Tutorial - TANGLED TALK #1

Tangled Talk #1: How to Draw Zentangle Pattern Henna Drum

In this video I present my spiralized take on CZT® Jane MacKugler’s tangle pattern Henna Drum and introduce everyone to the pilot episode of Tangled Talk.

Zentangle with Watercolor Pencils | TANGLED TALK #2: Who You Gonna Believe

Tangled Talk #2: Zentangle with Arteza Watercolor Pencils

In this video, I draw Zentangle inspired art without focusing on a particular pattern and read the preface to my webserial memoir Who You Gonna Believe.

How to Draw Zentangle Patterns Aquafleur, Bellah, and Chard | TANGLED TALK #3 | ABCs of Zentangle

Tangled Talk #3: How to Draw Aquafleur, Bellah, and Chard

In this video, I try out three Zentangle patterns and begin my quest to learn a new (to me) Zentangle pattern that starts with each letter of the English alphabet.

Drawing Zentangle Patterns Dented Moon, Ellish, Feeling Knotty | Tangled Talk #4 | ABCs of Zentangle

Tangled Talk #4: Dented Moon, Ellish, and Feeling Knotty

In this video, I challenge myself with new tangle patterns and talk a little about what life is like for me being high-risk in the age of coronavirus and self-isolation.

Easy Zentangle Patterns Javik, Knase, and Laced: TANGLED TALK #5

Tangled Talk #5: Easy Zentangle Patterns Javik, Knase, and Laced

I love how simple but striking these patterns are to draw! In this video, I also talk about Brain Tumor Awareness month some of the other things I’m doing around the web.

How to draw easy Zentangle patterns: Molygon, Noodle, and Odee | TANGLED TALK #6

Tangled Talk #6: How to Draw Molygon, Noodle, and Odee

This video is a favorite of Zentangle fans because the patterns are just so striking. I continue making my way through the alphabet and my cat Izzy makes an appearance too.

How to draw Zentangle Patterns Punzel, Quib, and Ratoon | TANGLED TALK #7 | ABCs of Zentangle

Tangled Talk #7: Drawing Punzel, Quib, and Ratoon

In this video, I continue making my way through an alphabetically-inspired list of Zentangle patterns. Wrapping my brain around Ratoon was a challenge!

Swirls Zentangle Tutorial by Tangle with Tracy Anne - TANGLED TALK #8

Tangled Talk #8: Zentangle Inspired Art Tutorial

In this video, I follow a Zentangle tutorial by CZT Tracy Anne Wilkinson featuring spiral patterns on a round tile. I also babble about Covid, MRIs and my health.

How to draw Zentangle patterns Bales, Javik, and Hollis | Tangled Talk #9

Tangled Talk #9: Zentangle with Watercolor

In this video, I try out some new watercolor brushes and tell the true story of how the police came to my house one night many years ago in Evansville, Indiana.

February 2021 Plan With Me | Bullet Journal Setup & TANGLED TALK #10

Tangled Talk #10: Zentangle Bullet Journal Plan with me Feb 2021

In this video, I set up my Bullet Journal for February 2021, create sections for my planned weekly Zentangles, and talk about what’s been on my mind lately. Namely: the violent coup at the Capitol and the results of my latest brain MRI.

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