By Rickina Velte of 7 Cities Mobile.
As a business owner who is perpetually trying to grow your business, get more customers, and increase brand awareness, it might be easy to get caught up in the ‘chase’ of it all.  Introduce a mobile marketing platform to the mix to make all of this happen, and you could have a recipe for disaster.

Mobile marketing is such an exciting new platform that it’s easy to catch the fever and forget about your new customers once they’ve opted-in, allowing you into their personal space—their most private communication source.  It is a privilege that should never be neglected or abused. But it’s easy to get mesmerized with the bright and shiny of it all, so let’s explore how you can keep your new subscribers, customers, and clients growing with a mobile marketing platform.

Determine Your Next Step

What happens after you snag that new client and build that growing opt-in list? What happens next?  Well, if you’re a savvy business owner, you know that you need to keep wooing them, schmoozing them, honeymooning them.

Honeymooning Tips:

    • Include handwritten notes, letters or thank yous with your product or service. When you do this, it blows your customers and clients away and shows them that they’re important.


    • Do a ‘how ya doing’ follow up. Just a quick note to make sure they’re enjoying their new product or the services you’re providing.  It’s nice to hear back after the sale and a great way to answer any questions that have come up or get feedback.


  • Rock the presentation.  Nothing says ‘I think you’re awesome’ like a beautifully presented product or service.  If you’re new to presenting, take a second and research. Get creative, and make your presentation a memorable one. For example, my Stick Me Designs customers are treated to a delicious piece of candy, a handwritten note, and then my postcard when they get their new diabetes clutch.  Find ways to leave your own creative mark.

In today’s fast business world it’s easy to ‘hit and quit.’ Unfortunately, this type of business behavior is quickly becoming the norm, leaving many customers feeling more like a feather in some big wig’s cap than a valued and important piece of the business’s livelihood.

Do Your Duty

As savvy business owners we actually have a duty to our customers and clients. We have a duty to ensure they feel important, and we have a duty to provide things of value to them. On a Honeymoon you do all the right things, you shower your significant other with love, gifts and fabulousness. It’s really no different with a business…that is, if you want to be of value and stick around for a while.  Honeymooning benefits everyone, why not give it a try?

Rickina Velte is the Founder of 7 Cities Mobile a Virginia Beach Digital Marketing Boutique, and Stick Me Designs Diabetes Accessories and the author behind She Troubleshoots, and  the 7 Cites Mobile blog.

Photo credit: theswedish


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