Doctor Appointment Postponed

Doctor Appointment Postponed

I went to the doctor’s office this morning, but didn’t get to see my doctor. Her first appointment went way over, so a nurse asked me whether I wanted to wait for at least another hour (because there was also a patient still ahead of me) or reschedule.

I opted to reschedule. It’s a struggle to get out of the house, but she listens to her patients and sometimes things run long. I can’t fault her for that.

Still being bound up in jeans and a bra in a waiting room chair isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s a recipe for even harder times. There was a last-minute cancellation for tomorrow morning, so I’ll try again in the morning.


After I published yesterday’s almost optimistic post, the weather here turned brutal. Wind. Rain. Cold. Damp. I’ve gone from pain to more pain to numbness. And even though the sun’s out now, the damage has been done.

This is how I know things are really bad: my brain is like “I’m just going to turn the pain signals off and we’re going to go numb for a while, mkay?”

Okay, brain.


I’ll try to write and entertain another day then.

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