Daily Chemo and Radiation Treatment

Daily Chemo and Radiation Treatment

First chemo & radiation treatments are complete.

Here’s how my morning went so far…

5 am: Take Zofran (anti-nausea)
5:30 am: Take Temodar (chemo)
6:30 am: Take regular morning meds
7:20 am: Get radiation
8 am: Have weekly meeting with radiation doc
9 am: Eat birthday cake

I’ve gained 10 pounds since they made my radiation mask. It’s hella tight now and a little disconcerting to say the least. The tech warned me that I had waffle marks on my face when she took it off. I looked reptilian and naturally made Dan snap a picture. The mask was so freaking tight.

Did I mention they clamped my head to a table with a mask and it was really tight? 😉

The hardest part of radiation though is lying on the table with nothing to do but ponder my circumstances. (Same for MRIs.) There was a fair bit of me trying not to ugly cry while they played the 80s rock station for me. Today was Paradise City, Shoot to Thrill, and Faithfully.

I am generally in good spirits, but have my moments. It’s healthy to have moments, I do believe.

The rest of my treatment appointments this week will be midday instead of early morning.

Brain Tumor Update for March 5, 2017 7:24 am

Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes! They made my day!

Yesterday was fun, but today won’t be a repeat. I think I overdid it. Got a date with the couch today, and there’ll be a whole lot less of me saying, “No, I can do it. Watch!” when people offer to help.

March 4, 2:44 pm

March 4, 2:44 pm

Got an order of airsick bags being delivered Monday. Best to be prepared for these things, I guess. My dad did radiation several years ago and sometimes didn’t reach home before, well…

I also have a treatment wishlist on Amazon in the works with orders set to ship straight to my parents house. I plan to add some items for a very special caregiver named Dan to that list as well.

March 4, 1:54 pm

Partying is hard. What has two thumbs and took a nap on her birthday?

I earned that nap though. Up and down two steps with my own leg power, PLUS I did the Waffle House thing sans walker. (Had to hang onto Dan for dear life, but still.)

Dinner plans are to go back for Mexican food this evening when my parents return from traveling. Then all the cake & ice cream.

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