If you’ve seen my YouTube channel or my Instagram feed lately, you know I’ve been spending a lot of time on Zentangle inspired doodles. It’s therapeutic to focus on the lines and shades and Zentangle patterns instead of obsessing over aches and pains and vertigo.

Living with brain cancer and the side effects of all its treatments isn’t fun. However Zentangle has a given me an opportunity to do something to take my mind off of all of that.

I am hoping to dive into and explore the Zentangle Method a little bit more soon. I think it could really help me deal with some of my cancer-related depression and anxiety. Plus I just find the process really enjoyable right now.

i don’t consider myself a cat person, but I do like them very much, and I think they are pretty stinkin’ cute. Plus I have one for the first time in my life, and it’s hard seeing her personality emerge and then not get a little attached.

And the dog, Boomer, adores having Izzy around. They’re best friends and make me wonder why the phrase “fight like cats and dogs” ever came from. So there’s that.

Some of the doodles pictured are official Zentangles and some are just inspired by the Zentangle method.

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