Day 15 of 28. I am now have 3 full weeks complete, and I am officially more than halfway done with brain tumor radiation. w00t!

I have contracted what I’m calling the 4 o’clock flu. Because I am getting sick at that time every day now. Pretty sure it’s a treatment or med side-effect causing it because of it being timely, but which one is anybody’s guess at this point. I take between 16 and 20 pills every day…

My radiation mask is unbearably tight because of the steroids. Talks have begun between techs and my oncologist to see what they can do. Possibly adding a diuretic to help me shed some of the water weight.

I can bear the discomfort of the mask, because me & pain have had a weird relationship for a really long time. But if they can’t lock me in place because I don’t fit? Well, that’s a problem. They’re kind of persnickety about avoiding killing of the brain cells I still need.

The scar from my craniotomy is looking good. There’s some skin irritation from the radiation, which is making it angry and red. Basically, it feels like a a bad sunburn.

TGIF, though. The weather in metro St. Louis is gorgeous! Also, construction wall pics from Barnes-Jewish just because they’re part of my daily trip to the hospital.

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