Pointless Ramblings for Sunday, August 14

Pointless Ramblings for Sunday, August 14

Don’t read too much into the cow. I just like the picture.

First of all, I want to say I bought an 18-pack of Fairlife chocolate protein shakes on sale a while ago. I’ve been having one a day for a little over a week, and my fingernails are amazingly strong.

I consider myself an authority on protein shakes, so I’m giving them my official endorsement. They taste pretty close to chocolate milk too. As long as I don’t have them after something really sweet.

Chocolate and I have an on-gain, off-again relationship during treatment. Sometimes it tastes fine and sometimes it tastes weirdly bitter and unnatural. Milk and cream make it more palatable, so maybe the whey protein source is what’s doing the trick?

I will still buy whatever’s on sale, because my budget doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room, but damn my nails are tough. They might get long enough to measure coke.

Coke. Crack. Crack is whack.

Speaking of crack. The McDonald’s near me is listed as “new” on GrubHub now, and it’s not delivering during breakfast hours. Man, screw them. Trying to get me to consume frappes after 10 a.m.

Not going to do it.

Feeling sorry for myself, I asked Dan to pick up some of those bottled frappuccinos this week. They tasted weird, so now I’m moving on to International Delight caramel macchiato something or other. I’ll report back on how that goes, but I’m not a fan of large containers of liquid given the neuropathy and weakness in my hands.

I guess this is officially a post about shopping.

Because Zentangling has been a struggle the last couple of days, I got my hands on some pencil grips. If that doesn’t help, I could potentially just draw with crayons for preschoolers.

But seriously. Affordable art materials designed for people with arthritis and neuropathy. Why is this not a thing? Or if it is a thing, why hasn’t anyone told me?

There’s a new Zentangle Project Pack video that just dropped, so I’m out for now.

Enjoy your Sunday and remember: friends don’t let friends eat pumpkin spice Oreos.

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