Frappe Diem

Frappe Diem

I’m pleased to report to you today that I’m coming at you live and fully caffeinated. After one month and one day (I checked in the app) I finally had a caramel frappe this morning. Yay! We had a curbside grocery order to pick up, and since McDonald’s was on our way home…frappe diem, kids!

And there was a double points reward for ordering breakfast via the app. I may not be proud, but I sure am happy.

Something else that’s making me happy is anticipating today’s drop of the affidavit that led to the FBI obtaining the search warrant for Mar-a-Lago a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I realize it will be heavily redacted and that Trump only wants it to find out who squealed. Some people have TMZ and People Magazine. I have social media and the Associated Press.

Drywall is going up at the New Digs this week. I’m thrilled and hoping to get to $4,500 for the fundraiser before we move. It’s still too early to know when that might be, but if we get settled before the holidays, I wouldnt hate it!

I’m a little apprehensive about selling this house before the real estate market crashes, but with good reason. Selling the condo in Indianapolis after we moved here was an absolute trainwreck, and I don’t want a repeat. Not that I think it should be tough to sell here, but if lived experience has taught me anything? It’s to be wary.

Yesterday, I was so weak I couldn’t get myself up the single step into the house without Dan’s help, which had me worried. But it turned out to be a random migraine. The weather app wasn’t predicting precipitation, but when it poured yesterday afternoon, I was like, ohhhhhhhh. This morning I got out of the car on my own and made it up the step myself. When my inflammation recedes, my strength improves.

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