I’m Someone

I’m Someone

Only someone who consumed caffeine at 9:30 would start writing a blog post at 10:00.

It’s me. I’m someone.

But before you judge me too harshly, you should know that I have a raging headache. If pressed to say why, I’d probably land solidly on the line betwwen the shingles vaccine and the weather.

An aside: I have tracked my migraines to barometric pressure changes but found no correlation. Rain and thunder though? Yup. It’s really unfair, because I like storms. Well, the kind without high, rotating winds.

Caffeine and store brand acetaminophen with a handful of stale gummy bears (the chewing relieves the muscle tension a little) are my go-to. “Might as well have some caffeine,” I told Dan. “My choices are to be wide awake or be wide awake and in even more pain.”

So here I am. Blogging.

The vaccine has been pretty brutal so far. Bad enough that I had to consider whether or not it was worth it. I maintain that it’s still better than my bout with shingles. But the fact that I had to stop and think about it isn’t lost on me either.

I got the shot in my dominant arm, which is the one that has full sensation. It seemed the best option at the time, considering my left arm was still a little red from the covid booster. But last night I realized I prefer to sleep on my right side, and OUCH. (Didn’t keep me from sleeping 13 hours though. So don’t feel too sorry for me.)

I was tentatively going to get back on chemo tomorrow night, but unless I feel much better really soon, it’ll probably be Thursday or Friday. There’s only so much this body can take.

That’s it, I guess. Nothing witty to say this evening.

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